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Time for a Move?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Coast Movers has you covered

By Jillian Chandler

Despite the ups and downs many business owners have experienced over the past few months, one local moving company continued to stay busy. No matter what is going on around us, there will always be people on the move. And Coast Movers is there to help! “Fortunately for me and my crew, COVID didn’t affect business,” says Coast Movers owner Jonathon Sheridan. “People still need to move, and we’re there to make the process as seamless and stress free as possible.”

Averaging 30 to 55 jobs per month, sometimes three to four in one day, Jonathon and his crew continue doing what they love. “Everything is up, never down,” affirms Jonathon. “Our numbers are still on track, and we are still growing. We really want to do 100 jobs per month; that’s the goal.”

Jonathon has been in the moving industry for the past 15 years and started his own business a decade ago at the age of 26. Coast Movers is a privately owned company, and Jonathon employs only dedicated professionals to transport your belongings with the utmost care and compassion. The Coast crew is made up of hardworking, honest, reliable people who will provide you a service unlike any other.

He, along with his current crew of nine (Jonathon employs anywhere from six to 10 employees at a time), take pride in what they do, valuing the important role Coast Movers plays in ensuring a smooth move for all of their clients. “I’ve always just loved the fact that we’re helping people relocate. It’s a stressful time for that person, and we try to make it as joyful and peaceful as possible; our goal is helping the process rather than hindering it or creating added stress. I’m glad I can be a part of that.”

Gig Harbor is where Jonathon and his wife have planted their roots and are raising their three young children. They feel blessed to call this place home and to be a part of this special community. “I’ve made a lot of great friends, new friends, through my business and by networking around the community,” says Jonathon. He finds it imperative to support your local community businessmen and women, working together, supporting each other, recommending each other and using each other’s services. “It’s all about community and networking; we’re all here to contribute and be a part of it.”

If a move is in your future, look no further. The professional and caring team at Coast Movers will ensure you are provided a positive—and memorable—moving experience. Call them today to get a free estimate and to schedule your move. It’s time to get moving with Coast Movers.

“We love contributing to the community and doing our little part,” smiles Jonathon.

Coast Movers


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