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Students in the Spotlight

By Rachel Kelly

Campbell Stegeman, Senior Peninsula High School

Students in the Spotlight

Campbell Stegeman is a senior at Peninsula High School and has a wide range of interests and successes throughout her student career. First, it is important to note that she has always been interested in science and animals. “I have been interested in veterinary medicine ever since I was little and have always looked forward toward my goal to be a veterinarian,” says Campbell. This means that she has focused mostly on science throughout her schooling, not only because she enjoys it but because she knows it’s something she’ll need going forward. Her plan is to attend Montana State University to major in their pre-veterinary pathway, then Washington State University for their veterinary school and eventually earn her doctorate. From there she wants to be a large animal and wildlife veterinarian.

She also loves to do anything that involves being outdoors, so her goals suit her perfectly. Her specific interests include hiking, rock climbing and motorcycling. She combines this with volunteer work at veterinary hospitals. Other volunteer work includes being the webmaster of Peninsula Highschool’s Key Club. She has also played soccer for four years, and this year her team, which she is team captain, is at the top of their league. She also serves as team captain for her school’s girls’ wrestling team, even though this is her first year. She has been welcomed to the team with open arms, and she wishes that she could have enjoyed the sport earlier.

With all this focus on science and active sports, Campbell has avoided art. However, more recently she decided to take ceramics—and it has become her favorite class. “I realized how important it is to be and express creativity,” she says. In her downtime she plays video games, reads, builds computers and tends her succulent garden.

She wanted to additionally express her gratitude toward Ms. Lancaster for her influence as a teacher. Campbell feels that Ms. Lancaster has a gift for making her students feel at ease with her and each other. This has allowed Campbell to come out of her shell and feel as if she could ask questions, which helped her embrace and become the person she is today.

Going forward there is no doubt she will carry with her the experiences, investments and knowledge that she has accumulated, giving her the fuel to reach her goal of becoming a wildlife and large animal veterinarian. It sure sounds like an adventure!

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