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Students in the Spotlight

By Colin Anderson | Photos by LUX Photography

Paige Gladstone student in the spotlight

Paige Gladstone, Senior

Gig Harbor High School

Gig Harbor High School senior Paige Gladstone is always learning. She’s skilled with a tennis racket thanks to her high school coaches and Camilo Sealy at the Sprinkler Tennis Center, where she trains during the off-season. She’s also skilled with a sewing needle, thanks to her grandmother who has taught her the finer points as well as inspired her to use her skills for the betterment of her community. “I have sewed over 40 medical masks at the beginning of the pandemic, which were sent to the University of Washington Medical Center and sewed over 50 dog blankets that were donated to various animal shelters near me and to the Prison Pet Partnership,” said Paige. She also recently taught herself how to crochet and bead jewelry.

While she enjoys some unique hobbies, having an impact on others is what Paige very much looks forward to as she plots out her post-graduation life. She recently volunteered more than 100 hours at Mary Bridge Urgent Care, and the experience forever shaped her. “I had the opportunity to see the impact nurses had on their patients, and they truly inspired me. I am passionate about helping others, and a career in nursing will help me fulfill that passion. My love for science and my desire to impact the lives of others makes nursing a perfect fit for me.”

Paige has backed up that interest by taking Honors and Advanced Placement courses, as well as a rigorous course in anatomy and physiology through the University of Washington. “UW anatomy and physiology confirmed my love for learning and science, and my hope to become a nurse. The knowledge that I gained from this class will greatly benefit me in the future as I work toward becoming a NICU, labor and delivery, or trauma nurse,” she stated.

Back at school Paige is eagerly awaiting her senior season of tennis. Her team went undefeated in league last season and hopes to repeat as the top team in league again this year. She’s also the media and membership officer of the Interact Club, in which she can have fun with another of her hobbies—graphic design.

While she has yet to decide on a college, there are certain traits she’s looking for when picking a school to pursue her nursing degree. “I am particularly interested in furthering my education at a Jesuit University because I appreciate their focus on developing well-rounded students who have a passion for knowledge and personal growth.”

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