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Student In the Spotlight: Evanté Heming

Evanté Heming, Senior Peninsula High School

Evanté Heming is a 19-year-old senior at Peninsula High School. Evanté is nearing the end of his final year of high school, which means graduation! And his plans for the future are well underway.

Evanté is currently focusing on his school work, with all the tests and such that require his attention before he moves forward. Performing also consumes a lot of his time, both during and after school, as Evanté is very involved in band and theater. He made state in solo and ensemble and recently performed at CWU (Central Washington University). It goes without saying that performance art requires hours and hours of consistent practice to ensure a smooth performance, and that can be a lot on top of everything else.

Creative expression through music and theater falls in line with Evanté’s plans for the future. “I am interested in taking on a career as a music educator and eventually becoming involved in music production and performance,” he shared. To achieve this, he will spend his first two years at Tacoma Community College, which will allow him to stay close to home and save money. From there he will transfer to a public university in sunny Florida to complete his four-year degree.

In addition to his performance art class, Evanté enjoys history, as he loves learning about the world and the events that make up its past. Aside from all his responsibilities at school, and his extracurricular activities, Evanté is also hard at work at the Tom Taylor YMCA in the Child Watch Department. When not in school, performing or at work, you will find him singing, reading, writing, and creating art. In all this he is supported by his teachers and school. Most importantly, he is supported by his family.

When asked which teacher was most inspirational to him, he is quick to respond that his mom is his favorite teacher. She taught him in the third grade, when he was in foster care. After she and her family adopted him, his third-grade teacher became his mom. She is now his lifelong teacher and role model.

With the love and support of his family, Evanté feels confident moving forward in the exploration of his art.

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