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Student in the Spotlight

By Rachel Kelly | Photo by Sidney Sexton

Stella Demianiw, Senior Peninsula High School

Peninsula High Student in Spotlight

Stella Demianiw is a 17-year-old senior at Peninsula High School. She has grown up in the peninsula, attending all the various local schools and benefiting from the community. She began playing soccer at 4, which she has been consistent in and still excels in currently. At Peninsula High School she is the varsity captain of the soccer team, but she also plays competitively year-round through the Kitsap Alliance soccer club.

In school she excels, with acceptance into the National Honor Society and acknowledgement as the Student of the Quarter a couple of times. Her other scholastic interests include yearbook, for which she is the editor in chief. Her favorite subject is math for its predictable outcomes and practical applications. She also enjoys how each part of math builds off of other parts. That, combined with a love for her local community (she loves to be with kids), has her shooting for a future in education.

“I have always wanted to be a math teacher because I love working with kids and have always wanted to share my love for math with them,” says Stella. If she doesn’t end up working with kids, she’s hoping for a future in finance. Math has a variety of applications, and Stella is allowing herself more than one option going forward.

To achieve those goals, she is looking into a four-year university. She has already been accepted to University of Arizona but is also looking elsewhere, like San Diego State University. Academically and personally, she has been inspired by many teachers, and sees each teacher as having contributed positively to her growth in some way. For instance, Ms. Beloate taught her to keep an open mind and to look [at] the positive aspects of life. Mr. Pratz taught her to keep pushing in order to overcome obstacles. Her math teacher, Mrs. Demianiw, helped her develop her love for math throughout her education.

These people have inspired her, and their lessons will continue to encourage her as she sets out to achieve her goals.

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