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A Keen Eye for Design

25 years and going strong

By Jillian Chandler

Photo by Brett Wayne Photography

For a quarter of a century, Deann M. Hammer has been transforming homes through her full-service interior design firm—Broadway Design.

Inspired by design from a young age, Deann grew up in Gig Harbor, where her mother was a Realtor, and her father owned a commercial radiant plumbing company. Her parents built her childhood custom home in Kopachuck State Park, with many floor-to-ceiling windows and massive skylight. “I have been hooked on creating spaces that bring in excessive amounts of natural light and incorporate the feeling of being enveloped in surrounding nature because I lived in that house,” she says. “I have an organic elegance in my designs and use many natural materials such as wood beams, wood paneling, interior rock or ledgestone walls.”

Over the years, Deann has lived in Newport Beach, Marin County and Palm Springs, California, as well as Seattle. She credits living in these more heavily populated areas to helping her to develop her keen eye for design.

She has worked for over 20 years as a general contractor, which sets her apart from other designers. Over the years, she has purchased and renovated more than 70 of her own personal homes! “I know how things are built and how to get to the finish line properly,” she says. “I have a very special creative eye and understand how to properly mix styles creating eclectic and timeless designs that exceed expectations.”

In December 2019, she was featured in Architectural Digest as one of the leading designers of Seattle.

Deann assists her clients in selecting all finishes needed for construction including everything from cabinets, doors, millwork, windows, tile, hardwood, countertops, carpets, appliances and specialty lighting.

“We draft furniture layouts and floor plans that take into consideration each client’s individual needs for maximum livability.”

Furniture, rugs, lighting and accessories are all hand selected from Deann’s trade-only vendors around the world, who create spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces for her valued clients.

“We make the process fun and have a low-stress, streamlined process,” shares Deann. “Our clients become part of our design family, and we truly enjoy watching their personal spaces and lives transform.”

Deann attributes the success of her business to her trusting client base, who invests in her through their hearts and finances. She admits she was gifted her creative talent and hard work ethic from her mother. “My mom has always told me anything is possible. She is a tremendous guiding light!” Deann says.

When it comes to what Deann finds most rewarding about the work she does, it is “creating a design that increases the value of a home but also adds emotional value for my clients so that they can live their best lives,” she smiles. “A well-appointed, peaceful home brings joy to life, resulting in families and friends coming closer together.”

She is proud to be a part of the local community, where she is able to provide work for local tradesmen in the construction industry. Deann has an “all hands on deck” mentality and firmly attests to the belief that “it takes teamwork to make the dream work.” As she says, “No design or construction project would be brought to life without the vendors and laborers who work tirelessly to complete our projects.”

Deann is just as committed to various nonprofits and other important organizations as she is to her design business. She regularly donates a portion of her profits to Operation Smile and actively sponsors a child in Africa. She contributes to Draft Horse Rescue, The Humane Society, and 4Ocean, which cleans plastic from the oceans around the world. “I use much of my business income to be involved with positive change around the world.”

A lover of horses, she is a dedicated dressage equestrian. “I love my horse community!” she smiles. “I ride my 6-year-old Lusitano I purchased in Portugal three to five days a week. It is inspiring to watch the younger riders commit themselves to the sport, and I am focused on supporting them reach for their dreams as well as achieve my own personal riding goals.”

For those looking for an interior designer who is passionate, dedicated, and provides her clients with superior design, Deann M. Hammer at Broadway Design is ready to guide you on your epic journey toward transforming your home.

Broadway Design


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