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23rd Annual New Year Celebration

February 8 - 13

The APCC Annual New Year Celebration is going virtual this year. 2021 has arrived, and to celebrate—virtually—the Asia Pacific Cultural Center will be hosting their 23rd Annual Asia Pacific New Year Celebration—featuring the Marshall Islands. Viewers will be treated to live virtual entertainment from many countries and cultures: Indonesia, Japan, China, Hawaii, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vietnam, Cambodia, Okinawa, Micronesia, India, Tokelau, Burma, Taiwan, Pakistan, Tahiti, Laos, Hmong, Mongolia, Singapore, Micronesia, Federated States and more. The virtual six-day event is scheduled to kick off Monday, February 8, starting at 11am, and will conclude on Saturday, February 13. The live entertainment will be held online on Facebook Live ( and YouTube ( For a complete listing of the week’s lineup, view the schedule at

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