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  • By Patty Hutchens.

Athlete of the Month: Brynna Maxwell

Athlete of the Month: Brynna Maxwell

Gig Harbor High School

Gig Harbor High School junior Brynna Maxwell knows what she wants in life and is working hard to achieve her goals. She would like to play Division I basketball, and her ambition is sure to get her there.

Last year, the Lady Tides won district for the first time in school history and made it to the second round of the state tournament. Brynna was selected to the All Area and All State teams last year. In addition, she works hard to maintain an impressive 3.9 GPA.

“My dream is to play basketball professionally,” said Brynna. “After that, I want to either be a teacher or a coach. My mom was an elementary school teacher, and I love kids. I want to be around basketball as long as I can, so being a coach could help me do that.”

While she has sustained some injuries over the years, they have been minor. “But it’s still a challenge that I’ve had to come back from, and that’s always hard because you have to stop playing basketball for a little while, and you never know when you will get better,” Brynna said. “I’ve always overcome injuries through rest, physical therapy, prayer and trusting God has a good plan.”

When asked what she enjoys most about playing basketball, Brynna responded enthusiastically saying, “I love everything about it! I love competing, practicing, games, hanging out with friends, getting better, even the smell of the ball!”

Basketball has taught Brynna many things in addition to just the skills of the game. It is in pursuing her goal of playing college basketball that she has gained other skills as well.

“I have learned how to communicate well in interviews and on the phone with coaches that I don’t know very well. In the recruiting process, I’ve had to talk with a lot of different coaches, and that has helped me to be confident in speaking with many different people of all ages.”

Brynna said that she has been blessed and wants to do what she can to reach out to others throughout her life.

“God has given me many gifts, and whatever I do, I want to use those gifts to help people come to know Him.”

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