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  • By Patty Hutchens.

Athlete of the Month: Riley Bass

Athlete of the Month: Riley Bass

Riley Bass

Peninsula High School

Riley Bass has been playing golf most of her life. She is just finishing her junior year at Peninsula High School and has been the first spot player on varsity since she was a freshman. She has also played in Washington Junior Golf Association events and has won some Hurricane Junior Golf and Rocky Mountain Junior Golf events, as well as Pacific Northwest Golf Association events.

“My best score for 18 holes at a tournament is 71,” said Riley, who also holds a 4.0 GPA.

Riley has already been looking at colleges and hopes to play golf at the collegiate level.

“This whole process of meeting coaches and teams, touring schools and researching where I will spend four or more years is all very exciting!” said Riley. “I am looking at schools that have good pre-medical programs and connections to medical schools because I know that I want to do something in the medical field.”

Riley said time management has been her biggest challenge, but the enjoyment she gets from golf makes it all worth it.

“The thing about golf that I enjoy the most is the ever-present challenge that it displays,” said Riley. “Not one shot on a course will ever be the same.”

Athletics has also taught Riley the importance of being able to find peace, even in difficult situations.

“Golf—and life in general—gets stressful. … But to be able to calm yourself down and focus on the task at hand will allow you to do your best,” Riley said. “I personally get peace from God, who I know has everything under control, and knowing this allows me to go peacefully and confidently into whatever situation presented.”

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